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Electrical Discharge Machining

At MPC we always invest in leading technologies that help maintain and increase the already high-quality standards.

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Fully automated electrode production and EDM production cell

3D Scanning allows engineers to survey any plastic work to measure variance from the design, and then modify the tooling to ensure that each piece comes out with as small a variance as possible. MPC’s scanning hardware is capable of measuring with an accuracy of 4μm (0.0004mm), and on pieces of work sized up to 200x140x140mm.

High quality, precise Swiss made (GF+) CNC EDM machine with C-axis & 3R tooling set-up

Ability to design and machine electrodes for EDM process

Ability to meet tolerances of +/- 5 microns

Temperature controlled machining environment

Total of 2 EDM machines

10+ years’ experience

Ability to meet multiple EDM surface finishes including mirror finish

Experience in vector burning, 3-D orbit and helix interpolation

Questions about our 3D Scanning capabilities?