Metrology Capabilities

Others might say they have the capability to make your parts to your specifications but do they have the measurement capability to prove it?

CMM Capabilities
MPC has invested in state of the art Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) that gives us the capability of measuring to less than a micron (< 0.001mm) giving us the tools we need to develop products of the most utmost precision and functionality.  CMM is integrated into our development process from benchmarking, reverse engineering, prototype and production tooling verification, first off molded components to in-process measurements.

Our CMM capabilities include “Gear Pack” software giving us the capability of obtaining analytical data on all types of gears.

CMM is integrated into our injection molding manufacturing for verification of critical dimensions in-process to ensure parts meet your specifications.

Our Coordinate Measurement Machine represents the most exact measurement technology available today.

  • Highly knowledgeable, educated and capable product engineering team
  • Measurement capabilities within a micron (0.001 mm).
  • Most accurate measurement machine and operators available anywhere in the world.
  • “Gear Pack” software capable of collecting analytical data on all types of gears.

                                        CMM Coordinate Measument

Double Flank Gear Tester Capabilities

Others say they can make gears but can they measure them in development and in-process?

Although we have analytical gear measurement capability on the CMM, MPC has also invested in double flank gear testers used to test and measure your gears as it is used in your assembly to ensure they will perform as designed.  Double flank gear measurements are used not only for development but also for in-process inspection; measuring parts every 4 to 24 hours during the production runs to ensure all production meets specification all the time.