Tooling & Precision Machining

Our tool shop is fully equipped with the latest technologies in the industry including high speed CNC machine centers (42,000 rpm), wire and sink CNC EDM and precision grinding.  All processes are integrated with CMM validation throughout the tool build to ensure first time success. MPC has the ability to build complex multi cavity molds including sophisticated tool action, rotary cores, hot runner systems, valve gates and 3 plate tools.

We have developed gear tooling technology to make all types of precision gears including worm, helical, spur, sector and internal gears.

MPC uses an integrated prototype tooling system to develop your product and/or process to meet your production requirements first time.

In-House Tooling

Certified Tool Makers

CNC Lathes

CNC High Speed Milling (42,000 RPM)

CNC Form Grinding

Jig Grinding

Cylindrical Grinding

CNC Surface Grinding